Be the master of your emotions

Human beings are emotional creatures. That means that as smart as we may be, most of actions are dictated by emotions and feelings more than logic. This applies to every activity including Basketball. Have you ever noticed that when a team dunks the ball and the crowd goes nuts, players start playing harder? If you want to be a great Basketball player, you must learn how to consistently have positive emotions and stay positive or neutral when things are bad. The following should help.

Confidence is the key

No one and nothing can disturb a confident player. Reggie Miller was one of my favorite players growing up. He wasn’t particularly athletic, fast, or strong. He wasn’t the most skilled. But he had one thing going for him. He was extremely confident. He was the kind of guy who could miss all his shots in the game, but he knew he was going to make the next one. Players like that tend to have short memories, and forget the misses which is what you need to do. Remember that most people do not try to do things because they are afraid. Most people don’t play to win, they play not to lose. When you are that afraid, nothing can be done right. Visualize your future success.

If you want to be confident on the Basketball court, there is only one solution; practice more and harder than everybody else. Once on the court, you will feel like no one is allowed to beat you because you spent many hours on the court.

Watch your mouth

Whatever comes out of your mouth is very important because it can condition your mind. Example; a kid that hear his parents tell him how dumb he is all the time will end up believing that he is dumb. The opposite is true as well. That means that:

  1. You should never think negatively of yourself.
  2. You should never say that you can’t do something. Instead ask yourself how can you do it.
  3. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something.
  4. Watch who your surround yourself with. Do spend too much time with negative people.



Feed off the positive, and forget the negative

As a player, use positive energy whenever you can find it. Your team just dunked, you had a nice bucket, the ref gave you a good call, your teammate is playing hard, the crowd is screaming… All this can motivate you to play harder. When negative things happen, don’t even hear it.

Stay in top shape

This is critical. One season, my coach forced me to play with a severe injury. I wasn’t able to compete like I normally could. Couldn’t jump, couldn’t run. It was horrible. Besides, it was truly painful. The addition of pain and lack of explosiveness was taking me down. I imagine this is the same thing when you are out of shape, or mentally or physically tired.

  1. Go to bed early
  2. Drink plenty of fluids
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Work out (core and push ups only if you are under 17)
  5. Warm up before practices
  6. Stretch after practices
  7. Don’t drink alcohol
  8. Don’t smoke

Try to add all these tips into your mental game, and tell me how it went on my Facebook page.

About The Author


I am a former college, semi-pro, and professional basketball player from Paris, France. I am a FANATIC of basketball (can literally talk about the game for hours!). I decided to write all my basketball thoughts down so I can let my friends speak! My goal is help my team (readers, and followers) become better player/coach by sharing the best tips to improve basketball IQ, skills, athleticism, and motivation.