Box out drills

Blake griffin box out

Here’s a list of box out drills I like. Simple box out drill [viddy f=’yt_X-rKSIOrb4Y’ trax=1]   Work on the technique [viddy f=’yt_XDrmypVJric’ trax=1] [next_button color=”red” link=”″]GET MORE FREE TIPS FROM ME[/next_button] Box out drill without the ball to teach contact [viddy f=’yt_dvjFByoyHFg’ trax=1] Blake Griffin dynamic box out drill Blake has some good points…

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How to get every rebound!

How to box out

Once you understand how to box out, it won’t matter if you can jump or not. I guarantee you will get EVERY REBOUND. Ok maybe not all of them, but a lot more than what you’re actually getting. You know what that means right? More playing time. This great video teaches you the right way…

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