Why you shouldn’t use Eurosteps and fade away jump shots

Ever since Manu Ginobili made the Euro Step popular in the NBA, many youth basketball coaches teach the fundamental move in North America! Despite the move flashiness, I happen to dislike it, and do not recommend it to the players I coach. Watch the video to find out why.  

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Killer mindset checklist – Are you a tough player?

Here’s a quick list of what basketball killers do. Do you refuse to lose at any game, drill, situation that you are in? Are you motivated, or irritated when your opponent talks trash to you? Do you get mad when the opposite team scores? At the end of a basketball game – Do you think…

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Come on with the full court press already! They’re just kids!

I’m kind of frustrated! Watched a couple of Montreal youth basketball games over the week end and I was appalled! I’m actually writing this one for youth basketball coaches that run full court press. YOU GUYS ARE HURTING KIDS DEVELOPMENT! Here is why: KIDS MUST LEARN FUNDAMENTALS BEFORE THEY LEARN HOW TO PRESS To run…

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How to score in the post

Even if you are not a post player, you will get the ball down low sometimes. YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY DOWN THERE. I’m sure you want to be a scorer right? Well great scorers can score from anywhere (Kobe Bryant has better post moves than many post players for instance) [private] Here are…

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How to dominate post up basketball

Basketball coach teaching you how to post up

Many basketball players do not feel comfortable playing post up basketball. I used to feel that way as a player. You don’t need to be the most powerful guy out there to play in the post. Read these basketball tips if you want to know how to score more baskets. It’s not about how big…

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