Finesse or strong moves?

If you are developing as a guard or a forward, you are probably having issues finding your style. This article will help you finding what kind of game you should develop.


Finesse moves to avoid contact

Here is a list of moves that are considered finesse. [like_to_read]

Anyone can use these moves, but I recommend small guards to use them. They allow small players to get shots over bigger players. 


Pro Con
Fade away jump shot Easy move Not getting a foul. No rebound
Floater Shoot over post players easily Not getting a foul.
European step Get rid of the defender Hard to jump for lay up. No foul.
Flinger roll lay up Shoot over post players easily Not getting a foul.
One step lay up Messes shot blocker’s timing Hard to jump for lay up. No foul.




Power moves to get fouled


I prefer power moves because they allow you to score, get fouled, or stay in the play for a rebound in case of a miss. The moves listed below are suited for you if you are a strong player.


Pro Con
Power lay up Get fouled. Hard to block.
Pro hop Split the weakside help



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