How to become a great free throw shooter

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Do you lack the confidence it takes to shoot free throws? When you are on the line, do you hope for the shot to get in? If you feel that way, this article will help you develop a technique that will make you a terrific free throw shooter.

If you want to improve your free-throw shooting, you have to train your focus. Free throw shooting is all about proper mechanic, consistency, and… cardio!

Proper way of Free-Throw Shooting

The very first piece of advice I can give you is to practice form shooting everyday! Then develop free throw routine.

  • Setting up your balance – position your feet in the free-throw line wherein your right foot (if you’re right handed) is slightly in front of your left foot, both feet should be shoulder-width apart. Your right arm, elbow and foot should be pointing directly to the rim to give it more precision and lastly your give your body a relaxed stance to get a smooth touch to the ball.
  • Do not hesitate – letting your mind think of negative instances can ruin your free-throw shot. Motivate yourself and focus your eyes on the rim, not on the back or even on the board, if you aim on these parts of the basket you most probably miss your shot, try to make your free-throws as perfect as possible by shooting without touching the rim.
  • Proper hold of the ball – hold the ball with a strong arm but slightly loose on the grip, your non-dominant hand should only support the ball touching it at the side. In your shooting motion, always make sure to flick your fingertips when the ball leaves your hand, arms extended and give the ball a good angle to curve directly to the basket.

As I told you at the first paragraph, it’s all about focus. If you train your free-throw shooting well enough, you’ll be unstoppable on the line as your form will improve every time you use it. So the key in free-throw shooting is practice, practice and practice. Practice free throws after each cardio work outs. Basically, you need to be tired when shooting to simulate game condition.


About The Author


I am a former college, semi-pro, and professional basketball player from Paris, France. I am a FANATIC of basketball (can literally talk about the game for hours!). I decided to write all my basketball thoughts down so I can let my friends speak! My goal is help my team (readers, and followers) become better player/coach by sharing the best tips to improve basketball IQ, skills, athleticism, and motivation.