5 tips to get the attention of a basketball coach

As a basketball student, I’m sure you wonder how to get the attention of basketball coaches. As a coach, I’ve been asking myself the question “What do I really look at when I evaluate a player?” I quickly came down to 4 elements. If you do possess these 4 elements, EVERY COACH WILL LOVE YOU!

I’m sure you don’t want to read a long post, so I’ll make a quick list (in priority order) and explain briefly. If you need more details, make sure you post a question in the Facebook comment box below.

#1 – COMPETITIVENESS – Will to win and be the best

As a basketball coach, this is the first thing I look at. I don’t give a d___ how skilled or athletic a player is if he/she doesn’t have fight in him/her. I need someone who HATES LOSING drills, games, scrimmages, 1 on 1, video games… I need a player who HATES to get scored on, who will compete for loose balls.

#2 – COACHABILITY – Listen and learn fast

As a basketball coach, I love to teach the game. I just HATE to repeat the same things over and over again. This is what basketball coaches expect: Listen when we give instructions and follow instructions. Very simple. The game can get complicated and we need players who can listen, quickly understand, and follo directions.

Tip: Listen to your coach when he’s not directly talking to you. The advice he’s giving your teammate WILL serve you later.


#3 – SKILLSET – Have a great fundamentals

As a basketball coach, I want

  • to be able to shoot the ball well from anywhere on the court
  • to be able to pass the ball well
  • to be able to dribble well with both hands
  • to be able to drive and finish

#4 – BASKETBALL IQ – Make smart basketball decisions

I simply hate when players make dumb basketball decisions. Great basketball player understand the game like coaches and are always a couple of plays ahead of the competition.

#5 – ATHLETICISM – Be agile, fast, and jump high!

Some coaches look at that first (bad coaches, and there are a lots of them out there). It’s not the most important element, but it does help.

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About The Author


I am a former college, semi-pro, and professional basketball player from Paris, France. I am a FANATIC of basketball (can literally talk about the game for hours!). I decided to write all my basketball thoughts down so I can let my friends speak! My goal is help my team (readers, and followers) become better player/coach by sharing the best tips to improve basketball IQ, skills, athleticism, and motivation.