Interview with JHoops basketball camp director Kevin Fuks

JHoops basketball camp in Montreal

If you ever got a chance to come to Montreal, you should definitely make a stop at JHoops Basketball Camp. I had the pleasure to visit the camp and enjoyed every minute of it. As I was watching Kevin Fuks – the camp director – it became apparent that he was really passionate about basketball, teaching values, and helping kids.

As a basketball coach, I wanted to know more, so I asked Kevin to answer a few question about JHoops. Read the interview below.

What inspired you to create JHoops?

My little brother was always on the computer and it did not sit well with my mother so I decided to play basketball with him on sundays for an hour. after a few weeks, some of his friends would join us and they decided to call it JHOOPS for Junior hoops.

Can you tell us about JHoops mission statement?
Our mission is get as many youths from our community playing basketball in an effort to keep them active and healthy.

What’s the #1 thing a young basketball player should learn?
The #1 thing players should practice is dribbling. Controlled dribbling is in some ways a lot harder than shooting or passing and by practicing your dribbling skills you are automatically learning how to shoot as well because the motion for dribbling is the same as shooting except it is a downward motion rather than an upward motion. the muscles used to dribble are the same as shooting and, especially for beginners, by dribbling they are improving their shooting.

What do you teach at the camp?
In a nutshell, at JHOOPS we teach basketball. However, the way we do it is what separates us from other camps. We like to focus on having fun and creating friendships. After-all, what is basketball but a team sport. Without chemistry they are just 5 individuals playing ball but if they have fun together and like each other then they have the potential to become champions.

And why should Montreal players become JHoops campers?
I believe that people come to JHOOPS because they like the fun atmosphere and the life lessons we teach about team work.

Words of advice to young players and their parents.
The only advice I have is have fun with whatever you decide to do. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

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