How to get more playing time

Learn how to play multiple positions

To help your team win, you need to be on the court> To be on the court, you have to be valuable to your team.
In my opinion, guys who are able to play at each position pretty well are more valuable to their team than guys who excel in only one part of the game.

If you are a good shooter, learn how to drive. So your shot will allow you to play the shooting guard, and your driving abilities will allow you to play the small forward! Also develop a post up game. You may be able to play down low at times when your team needs it or if you have a small guy guarding you, you can pound him down low.

Whenever you practice with your team and your coach gives tips to guys who do not play your position, PAY ATTENTION.

Work hard today!,
Coach Steve


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I am a former college, semi-pro, and professional basketball player from Paris, France. I am a FANATIC of basketball (can literally talk about the game for hours!). I decided to write all my basketball thoughts down so I can let my friends speak! My goal is help my team (readers, and followers) become better player/coach by sharing the best tips to improve basketball IQ, skills, athleticism, and motivation.