Did you know that the basketball rim is wide enough to let 2 balls get in at the same time? That means that your shot doesn’t have to be perfect for the ball to get in, right. That also means that if you shoot the ball with the perfect motion, it’s difficult to miss a shot!

To become accurate from distance, you’ll have to use a perfect form every time you shoot the ball. That’s why I do the one hand form shooting drill everyday.

How to become even more accurate

What if I told you that a tool makes the rim thinner and makes it almost impossible to make a shot if the form is not 100% perfect. Would you agree that using this tool during your shooting workouts would make you develop perfect shooting form?

As I was working out in the gym during my freshman off-season, my coache’s son showed up with this huge ball. He tossed me the ball as if it were heavy and I prepared to catch it as though it was a heavy ball. I got surprised when I caught it, because it was the same weight as a basketball. Then A.J. told me to shoot it.

I wasn’t sure how to position my hands as the ball was really big. I took the shot, the ball bounced on the rim. Second shot, same result. Third shot, same result again! I got mad at the ball. A.J. started laughing.

” – You keep missing because your shot has no arch!
– Whatever man. I usually don’t miss. The ball’s too big that’s all
– Your shot is too flat. With a regular ball, it goes in because the rim is wide enough for two balls to get in. What this ball does is it forces you to shoot with a perfect form. Since the ball isn’t heavy, workin’ out with it won’t alter your shooting strength. It will only force you to push the ball up instead of in front of you like you’ve been doin’.”

So I worked out with the ball that day. Sure enough, every time my form wasn’t perfect, I’d miss the shot. After the work out, I went back to a regular ball. My shot was WET! All net every shot.

Basically, the ball makes your shooting work out a lot harder. When you get back to a regular ball, everything goes in.

What I like about the oversized ball

  • Same weight as a regular ball (so you can dribble and shoot)
  • Its width (35 inches) makes it impossible to score with a bad form
  • It’s cheap

What I like about the oversized ball

  • The ball width changes the way you position your hands on the ball (don’t over use it)