Finally, Get Total Ball Control In Just A Few Days!

Get Ankle-Breaking Handles In Only 30 Minutes Per Day With This Simple 8 Week Training Program


Complete Training Program

From how efficient dribbling drills all the way through how to create space on tough defenders, Total Ball Control brings you through 4 week complete ball handling training.Training up to 6 times per week the 4-week program has every day broken down and scheduled for you.

Complete HD Drill Video Series

HD videos of over 30 all new drills are included in your video series to insure you can perform the drills with accuracy and precision. Each video includes demonstrations and teaching points to improve your handles and basketball IQ.

Complete Development Curriculum

As is the case with any school, a curriculum was devised ahead of time to insure that you would go through calculated progressions to achieve maximum results. Your Curriculum is the entire the Total Ball Contral Manual put into the Ebook format so that you have opportunities to improve even when you're not in the gym.

Guaranteed Online Access

You'll have guaranteed, unlimited access to your program. You'll get all the drills, downloadable files, audio files and we have the option to always add more content and free gifts at any time. Programs are compatible with any online device. If you have the internet, you can get better today!


Antonin Gauthier

Coach Steve has incredible knowledge and basketball mind. My game evolved drastically under his wing. He has shown me how to get better and now I’m just improving too fast for guys to catch up.

Antonin Gauthier
Anthony Groves

I honestly love your site. Ever since I started going to it and used the tips that you leave, my game has dramatically increased since my senior year of high school.

Anthony Groves
Curys Gearhart

I’m loving what I’ve seen and learned so far in OMBA! It has already helped me tremendously, especially the one-step layup! Earlier today I used it several times and my defenders didn’t know what to do to stop it when it hit them! Thank you so much and I can’t wait to learn much more.

Curys Gearhart